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Quadris Medical offers a comprehensive selection of services from which to choose. Our customers have the flexibility to select only the services that fit their business and their situation. We have the knowledge and experience to conform to each customer’s requirements and the culture of their business.

Let us help you customize a program specific to your business.


Product Consultation

From the initial stages of concept and planning, Quadris Medical is consultative in our approach to understanding each customer’s product development needs. We ask the questions that help us identify how our converting and customer solutions best fit our customer's product objectives.

Research and Development Services

As resources are needed to explore options for development, our experience with innovative process design allows us to provide our customers the most effective and efficient converting and sourcing methods. Our team explores new technologies, provides product prototyping support and works closely with equipment manufacturers to find the best alternatives for our customers.

Sales and Marketing Support

To augment market growth and support sales efforts, Quadris Medical is experienced in developing creative sales tools for our customers. Together, we work with our clients to understand the value propositions they want to share with the marketplace. We strategize to develop a marketing plan that effectively communicates our customer’s sales message to their target audience.


As customers consider various supply means, Quadris Medical helps evaluate sourcing options. Research, along with recommendations from industry contacts, allows us to provide alternative supply options, coordinate and manage logistics and save our customers time.


Once the product reaches the production phase, Quadris Medical provides manufacturing options. With nearly 25 years of printing experience, we are equipped to meet your printing demands. We have the ability to grasp the challenges that unique and niche projects require.


For streamlined assembly solutions, our fully-equipped manufacturing facility enables us to convert most raw material into a wide range of medical products. Among the processes, we offer laminating, custom die-cutting, slitting, scoring, rewinding and island placement.


To complete the production cycle, Quadris Medical offers medical grade packaging solutions individualized to each customer’s specifications. We will customize containment and labeling systems to fit our customer’s distribution requirements.

Customer Service Representation

As product commercialization is reached, we become intimate with our customer's business and their clients, so we can accurately and effectively represent your products. We have a proven reputation for professional customer service representation. Our highly trained and experienced staff is known for their responsiveness and relationship management skills.

Fulfillment and Inventory

For efficient storage and product transfer, Quadris Medical offers fulfillment services. We help manage inventories and support strategies for storing and fulfilling product at your request. Our climate-controlled warehouse will keep your product safe and available for just-in-time delivery to your customers.

Billing and Accounting

To provide service through the entire business transaction, Quadris Medical has an knowledgeable accounting department to handle the billing needs of our customers. We provide comprehensive Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable services including billing, sales reporting and credit collection.


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